Day 3 - Wednesday, 5/21/97
Balsam Lake, WI - Marine on St. Croix, MN
40.96 Miles; 5 hours, 31 minutes
On-bike time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Avg speed: 11.66 mph
Max speed: 31.6 mph

Picture 1: Balsam Lake campground / Apple River
Picture 2: Ben gets ready to leave Balsam Lake campground
Picture 3: Headin' into Balsam Lake
Picture 4: Polk County Visitor Center
Picture 5: Lake on County Road Y
Picture 6: Osceola
Picture 7: The Bike in Osceola
Picture 8: Crossing the mighty St. Croix
Picture 9: Entering Minnesota
Picture 10,11,12: Trish on the rock at the William O'Brien State Park entrance
Picture 13: Ben on the rock

We left the campsite near Balsam Lake at around 11am. We took county road H north to county road I, coming into Balsam Lake. We tried to go to the Polk County Visitor Center, but we arrived at 11:50am, and it wasn't open yet.

We continued on county I to the town of Centuria, where we replenished our supply of fig bars (we go through about a box a day). We turned south on 35, where we met Highway 8. we headed East for a few blocks, then turned south onto county Y. We turned East onto county M, and came into Osceola. While on county Y, we actually saw a cow giving birth. It's a lot worse than they lake it look in "City Slickers"! Also on Y, we saw a large Heron only feet from the road, drinking at a pond.

We stopped briefly in Osceola to check our answering machine messages and to use the restroom at the gas station, then headed across the St. Croix river into Minnesota on 243. The climb out of the St. Croix river basin was painfully long. At last, we turned onto 95 south.

We're staying at the William O'Brien State Park, about 1.5 miles North of the city of Marine on St. Croix. There's no pay phone here, so we'll have to ride into town to post the web page and check our e-mail. Tomorrow, we'll ride to Stillwater, and then take the Gateway trail back to St. Paul, where hopefully Dave will pick us up. We're hoping to get on the road by 6am, and be done by 11am or so.

Today was pretty hot, especially when we were climbing hills. the last two days were windy and cold, but today was all sun. Trish was glad to get out in the sun, but began to regret it by 2pm or so. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter, which is why I want to get an early start.

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