Avocet is the maker of, among other things, fine cycle computers. Avocet was kind enough to give us a pair of Avocet 45 cycle computers. The computers are very small, light, and incredibly rugged. The Avocet 45 tracks current speed and RPM. It also tracks the distance traveled on an individual trip, as well as the total distance traveled while using the Avocet 45. It also has a trip time function, as well as tracking the time that the bike is moving. It also has an internal clock, so youíll know when its time to turn around and go home. The Avocet also tracks maximum and average speed for the trip. Its a great package. Iíve dropped them, stepped on them, run them over, and they just keep on working. They seem to be waterproof, too. You may have to look around for them - they donít seem to be available in every bike shop - but theyíre well worth the look. Buy one - in every color available!

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