2/19/97 - The Bicycle Freeway

Trish and I took the recumbent out for a ride Wednesday afternoon. The ride went smoothly, except for a low speed crash while trying to traverse a lip in the road. The ride was 12.98 miles long. We had an average speed of 11.82MPH. The ride is marked in red, with the start point in blue. In the map below, East is up.

It was about twenty-eight degrees outside. We were going to ride into Northeast Minneapolis, but it was getting dark. Most of the route is on a two-lane bike path which starts at highway 100 and goes all the way to downtown. On the map above, the bike path is everything after the third right turn from the start point. We rode the path in its entirety.

Trish still can't stay on her seat. We'll have to keep adjusting it. We tried making the seat and back fabric two separate pieces. As before, the braking and shifting was difficult, although since the ride, Dave and I have fixed some of that.

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