1/20/97 - First outside ride!

Trish and I took the recumbent out for a ride around lake Calhoun. The ride went smoothly for the most part. We went out at around 4:45pm, and got back around 6:00pm. The ride was about six miles. So, we were riding in the dark towards the end of the ride. The ride is marked in red, with the start point in blue. The ride was ridden clockwise.

The trail around the lake was plowed, but not down to the pavement. We were riding on packed snow.

The bike proved to be remarkably stable. One of the pedals fell off, and we pulled a brake post out of its mount (we hadn't brazed them in yet), but otherwise no real problems were encountered. The seats tended to slide fore and aft a bit, so we'll have to mount some rubber in the seat mounts.

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