More van work

In early March, we did some additional refit work on the van for towing.  First, we added a transmission cooler popular with off-road enthusiasts.  The ones that drive Hummer H2s.  This cooler is rated for a gross vehicle weight of 14,500 pounds, so we have quite a bit of overkill for the van and RV:





I also added a Magnifine inline transmission fluid filter:


With 14,500 pounds of cooling, the transmission fluid would be too viscous in the winter, so I added a bypass valve so that the transmission fluid only enters the new cooler if the transmission fluid goes above 180 degrees:


Finally, we added an inline transmission temperature sensor and gauge:


I mounted the temperature gauge to a punch-out piece in the dash, so it could be easily replaced.  It also made it easy to work on, since I can pop out the punch-out and mess with the wires behind the dash.  When the transmission fluid is below 70 degrees, it reads “LO”.  Below the gauge, you can see the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller that I earlier installed for towing.  It controls the RV’s brakes, so that, when the van’s brake pedal is pressed, the RV brakes activate as well.


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  • Ben, in addition to your post on the transmission thread, could you please pass on some more information?

    Since you’re one of the few who did install a digital temperature gauge, could you tell us what kind of ATF temps you witnessed while pulling your Trail Manor? I’d always thought that a 2619 or 2720 were the heaviest models one could safely tow behind an Odyssey, but you proved that heavier is possible with the proper cooling setup. Your setup of cooler, gauging and extra filtration is somewhat of a “gold standard” compared to the average Joe’s ATF cooler setup, and I’ve referenced some of the pics in your blog to show other Odyclubbers what is possible.

    Sorry to hear that your Ody is no longer on the road; hope you have happy miles with the Sorrento.


  • One more item…Ben, did you actually do all that towing using Honda ATF-Z1? If so, then your story is doubly amazing. Many of us gave up on the OEM ATF and switched to Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc or AmSOil Universal ATF. Some of us add LubeGuard Red at 1oz. per quart as well.


  • Ben

    Hi Eric,

    It’s been a while, but I think I was generally below 200 degrees, and always below 210. And yes, I was running just ATF-Z1.

    I can’t emphasize enough the value of having a temperature gauge. As soon as the torque converter unlocks as the grade increases, the temperature starts to climb. Downshift, and the temperature drops. I wouldn’t tow without it.

    I checked the fluid after several trips, and it was till pink like new!

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