Mechel gets gelilah

Yesterday wasn’t the first time, but it’s the first video. Once playing, click the gear icon in the bottom bar and set the viewing quality to 720p:

A better hug

Mechel: “Tattie, when you get older and shorter… ”

Me: “I’m not planning on getting shorter, Mechel.

Mechel: “Bubbie said she got shorter.”

Me: “OK, anyway, what will happen when I get older and shorter? ”

Mechel: “I’ll be able to hug you better.”

Me: “I think you’ll get taller first.”

Intro to music

Mechel is taking Saxophone lessons, and is picking it up pretty quickly.  We have a bit to go in music theory, though.


Mechel: “What’s the lowest note on this Saxophone?”

Trish: “B flat.”

Mechel: “What’s the next note, B bumpy?”

South Mountain ride

Mechel and I rode up South Mountain this afternoon.  900’ of climbing over 13.7 miles:


2011-10-23 14.10.22



Happy 10th!

  Remember Mechel, no smiling!

2011-09-08 20.56.18

Mechel rides home from school again

More or less the same scenario as last time.  Mechel didn’t bonk this time, since we had lunch at school before heading out.


Mile 12 or so:

Still going strong at mile 24:

Elevation and speed chart. 25.13 miles in 2:02.  Good job Mechel!

Playing with his food


Ride home from Clifton, NJ

Today I rode down to Clifton, NJ to pick up Mechel at school.  Trish had dropped him off in the morning with his new bike.

We rode about 27 miles.  Here’s the route:


…About 9 miles of it was a multi-use paved trail, so that was fun.

Here we are at mile 24 or so:


Mechel bonked at mile 19, probably because we didn’t eat before we left, which was dumb.  Thankfully we had some Clif bars with us, so once he ate he felt better.

We had a great time.  What a trooper!

Mechel’s new road bike

Mechel and I have been doing a bit of road riding lately, and he’s outgrown his 20” Specialized Hot Rock, so we (along with Bubbie and Zaydie) bought a road bike for Mechel’s 9th birthday:


Mechel received the bike this morning, and then he rode to Rockleigh with me.  We rode the 14.8 mile course in 65 minutes, with an average speed of 13.5mph.

We decided to take off the toe clips for now:


Old Western Highway, near Blauvelt:




Here we are at the end:


Elevation and speed chart:



Lookin’ good

In my humble, unbiased opinion, of course.