While Burley produces tandem bicycles and great raingear, it is perhaps best known for its leadership in the child bicycle trailer industry. Burley sponsored us by donating a Burley díLite trailer to our trip. While the díLite is designed to carry one or two children, we used it to carry all of our gear - computers, camping equipment, bicycle gear, etc. The díLite has an ample 100 pound carrying capacity, and is rated to work at speeds of up to 15 miles an hour. Those Burley engineers must have been working overtime, though. We had our trailer loaded to the limit, and went around corners traveling down hills at 50+ miles an hour, and the trailer didnít tip or even sway. The trailer is attached to the bike with a special polymer joint that gives enough flex to allow the bike to lean without tipping the trailer, but not so much that the trailer sways or is even noticeable, whether speeding down a hill or trudging up a steep grade.

Whatís impressive about the Burley díLite is that not only does it boast excellent handling characteristics, itís incredibly well designed as well. The díLite comes 95% assembled out of the box. The "walls" flip up, and a pivoting bar holds the sides apart and forms the roof strength for the trailer. The wheels are high quality rims and have quick releases so putting them on and taking them off is a snap. In fact, we found that in less than a minute, we could collapse the díLite down to a suitcase sized package. Talk about convenience!

With the Walk Ďn Roller option (not pictured), the Burley díLite switches for a great bike trailer to the worldís most luxurious child stroller. The front wheel is mounted on a pivot - rotate it down to stroll, pivot and lock it up to reattach to a bicycle. The Walk Ďn Roller package also includes a padded push bar to make jogging with the díLite comfortable.

While the díLite comes with a breathable, insect screen cover, we knew weíd need something more robust for Virginia rainstorms. Burley also provided us with the 2-in-1 cover for the díLite, which has a plastic layer that snaps over the insect screen cover for waterproof protection.

The díLite was a joy to have a long. In fact, I donít see how we could have done the trip without it. People complain about the additional weight and wind drag, but the díLite is fairly aerodynamic, and at only 20.8 pounds, towing it along is well worth the massive cargo capacity. Carry two kids, a dog, or a whole lot of gear - the díLite is right for you!

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