Casio has given us two pieces of great equipment: A Cassiopeia A-11 Palmtop, and a QV-120 digital camera. The pack of gum is included in the picture for scale.

The Cassiopeia A-11 Palmtop runs the Windows CE operating system. It has a stripped down version of Excel and Word, as well as a stripped down Internet Explorer and E-mail capability. In addition, it has a full host of PIM (Personal Information Manager) applications. The A-11 has 4 megs of RAM, a well as having the OS in ROM.

The Cassiopeia is great to have on the trip because it allows one of us to type the text for the daily web page while the other prepares the images and answers e-mail. A cable which connects the Cassiopeia to our notebook computer allows us to transfer files and exchange information between the two. We can enter to-dos or calendar items on either the palmtop or the notebook and have those items synchronized between both platforms.

The QV-120 digital camera can store up to 96 pictures in its memory. It has a color LCD screen that allows the user to see what he/she is aiming at. The screen can also be used to show previously taken pictures. In addition, the camera can be plugged into a TV or VCR, and the camera used to display a video slideshow. The camera runs on regular AA batteries, so there’s no waiting for the battery pack to recharge. The camera even has a timed-photo option, so you can take pictures of yourself!

As if that weren’t enough, the camera can be plugged into the palmtop, so the user can view, edit, and save the images on the palmtop. With the camera and the palmtop, you can author your own webpages, and upload them from the palmtop!

The Cassiopeia A-11 and the QV-120 - a great combination for a road warrior in the digital age!

Want to know more? Call 888-204-7765, or check out the Casio Website.

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