Coleman is one of the largest and most well known suppliers of camping and outdoor equipment in the world. When most people think of Coleman, they think of "car camping" or day trip equipment. Coleman's creation of their Peak 1 line of equipment allowed the company to become a major contender in the hi-tech backpacking equipment arena.


Coleman has supplied us with three of their high end Peak 1 tents. All three tents are mostly constructed of a semi-transparent nylon, maximizing breathability and allowing in plenty of light. All three tents use the highest quality aluminum poles.


The smallest of the three is the Apollo. This 1+/2 person tent is a dedicated featherweight - it allows a great deal of functionality for its weight. Its three pole design makes it very resistant to winds. The Apollo's rainfly provides a massive, side entry vestibule (not shown), large enough for storing the equipment of both the tent occupants.

Coleman Peak 1 Apollo Tent - #9600-805


Next in size is the Talon. The Talon is a 2/2+ tent. Like the Apollo, it has three poles, and two doors. The Talon's rainfly provides two large vestibules. The Talon weighs a bit more than the Apollo, but provides several more features, such as both opaque and insect screen doors. There are also internal pockets for storing wallets, keys, etc.

Coleman Peak 1 Talon Tent - #9620-805


The largest of the three is the Constellation. The Constellation is a 2+/3 person tent. Unlike the Apollo and the Talon, both of which are three season tents, the Constellation is a rugged, four season tent. Its four pole, Geodesic construction allow the Constellation to withstand snow loads which would crush lesser tents. The constellation sports a sizable front vestibule, with a smaller rear vestibule. One door on the Constellation is U-shaped, while the other is D-shaped. The Constellation's symmetric, octagonal design allows the user to choose which door goes with which vestibule. Plastic windows in the rainfly allow the residents of the tent to see out even in the most inclement weather. 

Coleman Peak 1 Constellation Tent - #9680-808

Sleeping Bags

Once you have a tent, you need a way to keep warm inside it. Coleman has given us two types of sleeping bags - one for summer use and one for winter use. Both have remarkable insulation-to-weight ratios, and have proven very effective. On the right, you can see the size of the stuffed summer and winter bags.

Our summer sleeping bag is Coleman's Peak 1 Bike Bag. The Bike Bag is comfort rated to 32 degrees, so its not an alpine bag. However, at only a couple pounds, and taking up roughly the same amount of space as a down jacket, the Bike Bag is small and light enough to take almost anywhere. Naturally, to save weight, some features had to be attenuated or eliminated. Nevertheless, the Bike Bag sports sleeping bag amenities like a half-length side zipper and a hood cinch.

Coleman Peak 1 Bike Bag Sleeping Bag

For crossing the Rockies in September, the Bike Bag just won't do. At 11,000 feet, the nights will be quite chilly. For this portion of the bike trip, Coleman has given us the Sunset. The Sunset is comfort rated way down to Wisconsin winter temperatures! Of course, this additional insulation means more weight and bulk, but is well worth it if you're out in a snowstorm! The Sunset sports all advanced sleeping bag features, such as extra insulation around the zipper, a separate neck-level cinch, and much more!

Coleman Peak 1 Sunset Sleeping Bag - #8578A720


Coleman gave us two stoves - their older Electronic Ignition Stove, and their brand new Expedition stove. Both are fueled by disposable butane canisters, although each stove has its own type of canister. For makin' dinner, nothing's better than a Coleman Peak 1 stove!


The new Expedition stove is truly incredible. It goes from a tightly folded, slim package to a 2-burner cook system. The Expedition stove uses the new Coleman MAX fuel, which burns hotter and better in cold weather. It's very light, too!

Coleman Peak 1 Expedition Stove
MAX Fuel Canisers

Self-Inflating Pads

Coleman makes these great self-inflating pads. Before unrolling the pad, the user opens the air valve. The pads inflate themselves as they unroll. When they have inflated, just close the valve before laying on the pad. When ready to leave, just open the valve and roll up the pad. Itís that simple!

Coleman Self-Inflating Pad - #893-227

Micro Lantern

The micro lantern is light enough for even the most weight-conscientious backpacker, yet provides an incredible amount of light. Forget flashlights - light your entire area! 

Coleman Peak 1 Micro Lantern - #3112-700T
Coleman Peak 1 Lantern Stuff Sack - #3112-599T
12 Butane Fuel Canisters - #3100-712T 

The Rest

Coleman also gave us headlamps and cookware. The Coleman headlamps take 4AA batteries, and seem to run forever. Peak 1 all-steel cookware is remarkably functional and durable.

Nesting Cutlery - #8553-464
Double Wall Mug - #8553-469
Solo Cook Kit - #8553-475
Plate - #8553-463
Headlamps - #5386H920

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