Connectix is sponsoring our trip by donating two of its now world-famous Quickcams. These devices have become so ubiquitous in computing that the description below almost seems unnecessary.

Our primary Connectix camera is the Color Quickcam. The Color Quickcam captures images in 24-bit color at several resolutions. The camera is surprisingly fast, considering it sends all data through the laptopís printer port. The Color Quickcam can be used to capture both still images and digital video. Perhaps the most interesting application of the Quickcam is the ability to use it as a "video voyeur" device. Applications exist which will capture an image from the Quickcam at regular intervals and upload them to the Internet. This way, you can have a constantly changing image on the web which shows a live view out your window, or of your fish tank.

The Grayscale Quickcam was the digital camera that started it all. Unlike its big brother, the Grayscale Quickcam takes pictures in 256 shades of gray. Otherwise, it offers the exact same feature set as the Color Quickcam.

Both the Grayscale and Color Quickcams are available at computer stores everywhere. Ask for them by name!

Want to know more? Call 800-950-5880.

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