Day A, 3/19/97, 8:57pm.

Picture 1: Trish in Sleeping bag
Picture 2: Ben in sleeping bag

We left the apartment at around noon, after I returned from the University of Minnesota, where I took my last final. Trish and I loaded the Burley trailer into the Explorer, and off we went. We wanted to make it all the way to Girard, but instead we stopped in Liberty, Missouri, a small town outside of Kansas City. Were staying in a rather dumpy campground, about 100 yards from the freeway. I think the field that is the tenting area must be some sort of septic field; there’s concrete disks sticking out of the ground at regular intervals.

This evening was a triumph for our camping equipment. Our Coleman Peak 1 Talon tent went up with ease. Within 5 minutes, I had it set up. We got our Peak 1 sleeping bags and our Coleman inflatable sleeping pads set up. Using the mighty Windmill lighter, we lit our Peak 1 lantern. We ate PB&J and bananas. We’re about to go to bed now.

Its a bit chilly out; about 40 degrees right now. We’re listening to NPR on our tiny AM/FM radio. The sky is clear, and the stars are beautiful. We may fire up the astronomy software I brought along and do some stargazing. We bought some nice, 5 ounce binoculars for our astronomy while on the trip.

Well, of to gaze and then to bed. We’ll get out of here by 8am, should be in Girard by 10am, and on the road by noon.

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