Before we even got to Yorktown, we were in Washington DC for a few days. While there, we were interviewed by Voice of America. VOA, whose offices are in Washington DC, is the BBC of the US. VOA has an international audience of roughly 100 million people. We were interviewed regarding the bike trip. It was a total blast, since neither of us had ever been in a recording studio before. Hopefully, that interview will dramatically increase the number of visitors to our website.

    Ben at the VOA studio

    The sound master

    Ben at the VOA studios

    Ben at the VOA studios

    After Washington, we traveled to Newport News, which is the nearest big city to Yorktown. Trish and I spent the weekend there. We had shipped our bike and equipment to Beth Caylor, a great lady who is involved with the Peninsula Bike Club. Friday morning, we went over to her house and put the bike back together, and rode it back to our hotel.

    Trish and I decided we would ride back to the motel with my rear brakes not working and try to find a welder that would hopefully come to the hotel and fix the problem. Fortunately, it didn't come to that - about two blocks from where the brakes had failed, we found a small body shop. I went it, and met Charles Thompson, the owner and proprietor of Thompson's Body Shop. Charles let me use his oxy-propane torch and his pneumatic drill; I had the brakes fixed in less than an hour. Of course, the paint job was a little damaged by the extreme heat of the brazing, but that couldn't be helped.

    Ben and Charles with the bike

    Brazing the brake mount

    The store front

    The body shop

    Trish at Daybreak

    At last, Sunday morning came, and it was time to start the ride. We got up at 4am so that we could be on the road by daybreak. Even so, we didn't get started till around 5:30am, and wasted about half an hour of daylight. When we peddled away from our motel in Newport News, it was a crisp, chilly 60 degrees. By 11am, it would approach 90 degrees, with an incredibly high degree of humidity.

    Motel at dawn

    We pedaled out of Newport News, and headed into Yorktown, the city which houses the beginning of the TransAmerica Trail. It was eerie, I thought, riding by fields and hills where Colonial and British troops had once clashed for control of the Thirteen Colonies. On the way into Yorktown, we met a fellow who had ridden some parts of the TransAmerica Trail. We talked for a while about what we were doing, and he wished us well. We arrived at the Yorktown Victory Monument, the Eastern head of the TransAmerica trail, at around 8am. After much picture taking, and staring out into Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, we headed West.

    Wise Biker

    The Victory Monument

    Great waters of the Eastern Coast

    At the beginning

    At the start point

    Start Point

    Welcome to Yorktown