Looking across the bridge

    At around 5:45am, we crossed the mighty Chickahominy River. The TransAmerica map warned of how treacherous the steel grate bridge was, so we walked across. Looking back, we could see sunrise approaching over Virginia.

    Looking back at dawn

    Ben and Chickens

    Before we arrived in Charles City, we stopped at a gas station, and I got to play with some chickens!

    We pulled into Charles City [at 7:15] and stopped at a gas station to use the restrooms. We met a very interesting man named Joshua Taylor. He told me a story about a head-on collision he experienced many years ago. He was driving a Volkswagen beetle and the other driver was in a 69 Chevy. He was severely injured and the left side of his body was paralyzed. He feels that his faith brought him to a complete recovery. He was very young looking and he asked us to guess his age. we both thought he looked about 55, but he was 69!! He has six kids and is retired but doing construction work. He was a very colorful character and very friendly!

    Joshua Carter

    Charles City Post Office

    After meeting Joshua at the gas station / grocery store, we went to the post office and mailed away some stuff that we had needed on our Washington DC vacation, food which we mailed ahead a week, and warm winter clothes. We managed to lighten our load by about 15 pounds.

    Trish and Malvern Hill sign

    Malvern Hill Cannon

    Firing into Confederate lines

    Glndale National cemetary Sign

    As we approached Glendale, we stopped at the Malvern Hill battlesite of the Seven Days Battles and read the historical information. The battlefield was the site of Lee's attempt to stop the Union Army from retreating after they had failed to take Richmond. All that remains at the site is a row of cannons. Five thousand people lost their lives at that site. Seeing it was quite an experience. At the site, a cute doggy was running around. We also stopped at the small Glendale National Cemetery outside Glendale, but found no one related to us buried there.

    Ben and National Park Sign

    Malvern Hill Cannons

    Malvern Hill Doggy

    Graves of the fallen