Last night, we rode our bikes from the place where we were staying into town. There, we met all sorts of interesting people, who had all sorts of questions and things to say about our bike, like "What’s that thing with all the bubbles and wheels?"


    When we came back, we met Matt and Sam, 7 and 9 respectively, who live where we were staying. They showed us how to catch Lightning Bugs, told us how to make S’mores, and other great stuff. They went to have dinner, and Trish and I had a yummy spaghetti dinner. Afterwards, they came back, and we chatted for a while. At last, they went back inside, and we went to bed.


    This morning, we got up at 3:50am, and were on the road at 5:15am. As we rode towards Mechanicsville, we saw (as we did the day before) all sorts of signs dealing with the civil war. Trish and I are Truly amazed at how much history is crammed into the area. We rode across the Grapevine Bridge, which Union troops destroyed while fleeing the Confederate troops in 1862. Before reaching Mechanicsville, we stopped at the 1864 Cold Harbor Battle site. At Cold Harbor, 7,000 Union troops were killed in 30 minutes. Later, we passed the 1862 Beaver Dam Creek site.

    As we rode through the countryside, we saw a couple pretty cool farm machines!

    After stopping at Mechanicsville for a bathroom stop, we rode on to Ashland, where we’re staying the night. Overall, the weather today was pleasant. It was overcast all day, so the temperature was in the 70s. It was still really, really humid, though. As we got to Ashland, it started to rain really hard! The terrain today was relatively flat. It’s going to get quite steep soon, though…

    This evening, we’re being hosted by the Ashland Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn is the only full-service hotel at exit 92 on Interstate 95. It features the following:

    · 166 Rooms
    · Restaurant and Lounge 
    · Outdoor Pool 
    · Fitness Center 
    · Free Newspaper 
    · Laundry and Dry Cleaning 
    · Arcade Room 
    · In-Room Nintendo 
    · Copy Machine 
    · Fax Machine 
    · Swimming Pool

    The hotel is beautiful, and very clean! After sleeping in a field in Glendale, this is a welcome change! 

    To get to the hotel while riding the TransAmerica Trail, follow the instructions on map 147, but DO NOT turn onto County 657. Rather, continue on County 656, and turn left onto Courthouse Road / State 54. The Holiday Inn is about ¼ mile up the road on the right.