Trish tends to Rolling Thunder

    At 6:00 a.m. we were flying down a hill on SR 667 at nearly 40 miles per hour, crossing the Anna River, when we heard a snap and hissing. As we began to climb the other side, we discovered our front tire had gone flat! Luckily for us, it popped toward the bottom of the hill and not during our rapid descent. Ben quickly patched up the tube and after a snack, we were back on the road.

    Ben pumps up the patched tube

    Ye Olde Church

    Along the route we saw an old church that had been built in 1736! It is still being used today. While we were off the bike admiring this building, we encountered our first "hostile" Virginian. A big Ford truck came barreling by, and the driver screamed, "get that #@$% thing off the road"! We waved as usual, but the truck stopped and turned around which made us very nervous. But since we didn't give him any provocation, he drove off.

    Scothtown sign

    Scotchtown, the home of Patrick Henry, is 11 miles west of Ashland. The visitor's center wasn't open, so we didn't get a chance to actually see it. In fact, we nearly missed seeing it all together since it is the only building in Scotchtown!

    The scenery has been beautiful today. Long stretches of the road are lined with colorful flowers. Especially beautiful are the abundant tiger lilies. The terrain has changed slightly today, filled with hills and many winding stretches. While the climbs have been tough, the rides down have been fabulous! We reached speeds near 40 m.p.h. in some places. While Ben is busy concentrating on steering, I am free to enjoy the thrilling speeds. I often find myself laughing and have to concentrate on keeping my mouth closed to avoid swallowing bugs! The roads were extremely slick from last night's rainfall, so we couldn't safely ride much faster.

    Along the way, we saw lots of neat things, like a decaying barn and an abandoned general store.

    On SR 652 we stopped at a gas station for drinks and we saw a very sweet tabby cat. She was apparently a stray and was getting a lot of attention from a little girl who had stopped with her mother. The cat was a domestic medium hair and the same color as our kitten, Buddy. After the girl left, the cat came up to us and she looked very hungry. She even tried to eat Ben's peaches, so we gave her one of our cans of tuna fish and half of our chocolate milk. Hopefully her owners will find her soon.