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    For the next couple of hours we continued our roller coaster ride, now becoming entirely an uphill battle. Around noon, we had climbed about 900 feet, and found the famous biker's rest stop run by the "Cookie Lady." Since we had been pushing the bike uphill for the last hour, we were anxious for an excuse to rest. We stepped inside a small screened-in porch where we found fresh lemonade, cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Around the porch were hundreds of newspaper clippings featuring June Curry (the Cookie Lady’s real name), her father, and the thousands of bikers that have passed through her rest stop over the past 20 years. We were completely amazed and excited to meet June. She came down to the porch and led us through a small door and we were again amazed. There was an entire house dedicated to touring cyclists. Curry offers lodging and a fully stocked kitchen. In this three room house, every wall is covered floor to ceiling with cards, clippings, pictures and biking memorabilia from bikers over the last twenty years. I have never seen a more amazing collection in my life. June was a wonderful hostess and shared several stories with us as we chatted. She is a truly generous woman and anyone biking through Afton must see her!

    This and Saturday evening, we’re being hosted by the Waynesboro Best Western. The Best Western is located at exit 94 on Interstate 64. It features the following:

    · 56 Rooms
    · Lounge
    · Copy Machine
    · Fax Machine
    · Swimming Pool
    · Free Continental Breakfast
    · Exercise room and Spa
    · Jacuzzi suites
    · In-Room Refrigerator
    · In-Room Microwave
    · 25" TVs

    The Hotel is simply beautiful. The furniture looks brand new and is very nice. Our room features a refrigerator and microwave. There’s an easy chair, a large closet, a large desk and dresser, and an incredibly large bathroom. The room is very clean and pleasant. For riders who take a day off, this is the place to spend it! The staff here is as friendly as the room is nice. The pool is beautiful, too. Plenty of large, fluffy towels - always a plus! To make a reservation, call 540-932-3060.

    To get to the hotel while riding the TransAmerica Trail, follow the instructions on map 143, but DO NOT leave highway 250 for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Rather, continue on highway 250 into Waynesboro. Turn left onto highway 340 / Rosser Road. When nearing Interstate 64, you should be able to see a Shoney’s Restaurant to the left. Behind it is the Best Western. To continue on the TransAmerica Trail, follow the instructions in reverse, or continue on 340 west, and take highway 11 into Lexington.