Day B, 3/24/97.

When we woke up at the Burks’ house, we talked about what we should do next. We could either go home, or continue on as planned for the next five days. The primary problem was that Tricia’s seat was not quite right for her, and was digging into her legs. She had developed pretty serious bruises, and had to sit fairly far forward while we rode. Also, the solar panels weren’t working, and out cycle computers had failed. Because of all this, we decided we had plenty of things we could change on the bike, and we wouldn’t really learn all that much more by pressing on.

So, we started stripping the bike down. Then, Brian came by the house and told us that the Girard newspaper reporter would be coming by to interview us. We put the bike back together, and waited. She showed up, and we gave her all the information she wanted. She took a few pictures of the bike. Hopefully, we made the weekly issue (it comes out on Tuesdays). The reporter said she would mail us a copy of the paper if they put us in it.

We got the bike up on the roof, and drove over to the bank to say goodbye to Barbara and the women who we talked to on Thursday. Then, we hit the road. When we left Kansas, it was 70 degrees. By the time we got to Minneapolis, at around 7:30pm, it was 31 degrees and the roads were icing up. I wish we had stayed in Girard!

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