Essential Gear

Essential Gear is the US distributor of the Windmill lighter. We knew weíd need a compact, reliable ignition source for our trip. In rain and wind, what would we do if we couldnít light our lantern and stove? Essential Gear donated a Windmill lighter to our trip. The lighter is roughly the same size as a disposable lighter, and uses conventional butane lighter fluid, but it uses a pressurized delivery system which produces a high temperature, forced flame that canít be blown out in even the harshest of winds. In fact, the flame is so hot (476-637 degrees F) that the designers of the Windmill lighter built a ceramic insert into it so when the lighter was on, the insert would glow. The flame is so hot its not visible, so this was necessary to avoid having the user get burned.

The Windmill lighter isnít a simple unit - its packed with amazing features! The lighter uses a Piezo electric ignition system, so when the button is pressed, the flame comes out. Thereís no flint to strike! The Windmillís flip-up "lid" has an O-ring which allows this remarkable lighter to be fully waterproof. Since the lighter is transparent, you can see how much fuel is left. The Windmill lighter is the one to use when you need your lighter to work every time.

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