Ex Officio

Ex Officio makes what they call "adventure wear", clothing designed for the avid outdoorsman. Ex Officio gave us two of their Baja Plus shirts, their most hi-tech clothing. The Baja Plus features mesh panels that allow the wearer to feel comfortable even in the hottest, muggiest weather. The Baja Plus has two expandable mesh panels per side, in addition to the static mesh panels on the back. The back panels are covered by a fabric "cape", so that the mesh panels breathe, but donít show. The expandable side panels are held shut by Velcro tabs. If it gets two hot, you just open the mesh panels and the air flows in. Close them, and the shirt is as wind resistant as a normal shirt.

We followed the advice of many recumbent touring cyclists: wear long sleeve shirts, and long pants. There are two reasons for doing this: It keeps the sun off you, and if you fall, you donít get torn up so badly. The Baja Plus is great: it keeps you very cool, and looks great. The shirts are also highly sun resistant, so that you donít have to wear lotion under them, even under the hot Virginia sun. The fabric is 55% cotton, 45% nylon, and weighs in at an airy four ounces per square yard. They come in all sorts of great colors, too. Try one on at your local outdoor adventure store!

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