Favorite Musical Selections at Little University!

Music is an important part of our day at Little University!  When we want to dance or be silly we play high energy music.  But when we want to calm down for a nap, we play more relaxing music.  Most of our musical selections come from the public library, and we are constantly reviewing new CD's.  Below is a list of our favorites (so far): 

High Energy Music

Fidgety Feet by Steve Rashid and the Woodside Avenue All-Stars
*Favorite song:  Mutiny in the Nursery

Daddy Starts to Dance by Tom Pease
*Favorite song:  Zamimamina

Jazz Fantasy by Howard Hanger
*Favorite song:  Elementary Blues

Medium Energy Music

For our Children
*Favorite song:  Little Richard - The Itsy Bitsy Spider

For Our Children Too!
*Favorite song:  Carly Simon & James Taylor - Mockingbird

Great Music in General

All the Colors by Jim Salestrom
*Favorite song: The Zoo song

Peter, Paul & Mommy too
*Favorite song: Puff the magic dragon

When I was a Child by Anna Moo
*Favorite song: That's what babies do

The Music of Disney: A Legacy in Song (3 CD set)
*Favorite song: The Bear Necessities

Soothing Tunes

Speeny, Spawney, Go to the Moon

Classics for Lovers (CD set)

Echoes of Nature: Rainforest

Multicultural Music

Joining Hands with Other Lands
*Favorite song: Many Ways to Say Hello


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