2/1/97 - Ride to Hopkins and back

Trish and I took the recumbent out for a ride Sunday morning. The ride went smoothly. We went out at around 8:30am, and got back around 9:30am. The ride was 9.24 miles long. The ride is marked in red, with the start point in blue. In the map below, East is up.

It was pretty cold out, especially at twenty miles per hour! It was about twenty degrees outside. Trish and I were pretty tired, and it was very chilly out, so we came back. We had to ride on Minnetonka Boulevard, since only pretty busy streets were clear of snow and ice.

Trish still can't stay on her seat. We'll have to keep adjusting it. We'll have to check the brake and shifter cable paths - the shifting is pretty difficult. Otherwise, the bike works great.

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