Kutshers Vacation
Sukkos 5765 - 10/04


On Sunday, Trish quickly discovered the ice rink.  It was a 50' x 100' studio rink.  Trish brought her own skates, and Mechel and I used rental skates.
Mechel had a great time skating - he's quite good!



That night, I did a little astronomy with my 90mm Meade ETX-90RA telescope.  I took this long exposure of one of the buildings at Kutshers.

Monday started with breakfast in the Sukkah .  Kutshers used lots of corn stalks for their Schach.  The sukkah was about 100' x 50'.



After breakfast, Mechel and I went out to the playground.  I took some pictures while he played on the swings and see-saws.
On the way back to the room, we spotted a Great Blue Heron by the lake.  He was pretty used to being around people, I guess, because I was able to get within 50 feet of him to take these pictures.  It's times like these that having a 950mm (equivalent lens really helps.




After the photo session, I went for a bike ride with Mechel in the Burley, and Mom and Dad went for a hike.  We both passed this little farm along Old Liberty Turnpike.  The route was quite hilly, and Mechel is getting heavier every day!  The route map and terrain cross-section are below.   At waypoint #8, I started experiencing pretty severe muscle cramps, and had to walk the bike up almost all the uphill sections.  I ended up missing lunch, but Trish saved some food for Mechel and I from lunch.
ride map

On the farm

After lunch, we went for a brief paddle in one of the Kutshers row boats.  We brought our own life preservers, so it made life a little more comfortable.


After boating, I took Mechel swimming.  Despite having muscle cramps in the pool from the morning's ride (talk about scary), I was able to play around with him.  He had a great time in his floatation-filled bathing suit.
Later that night, we went ice skating at night.  It was my first time out on the ice, and I was glad to see that I still remembered the Waltz Jump* Trish taught me when we were at Lawrence.

*My Waltz Jump may have been slightly smaller than Scott's.

On Tuesday we played miniature golf and shuffleboard.  The course was a little worn out, but it was fun nonetheless.  Baila was a great spectator, and Mechel is becoming quite a sportsman!  We also fit in a game of ping pong at some point.


Tuesday night I took the mountain bike out on the Kutshers off-road biking trail network.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be.

That night, I took our neighbor Yehuda (they happened to be there the same week we were at Kutshers) out to do some stargazing.  We saw M45M31M27M57M13epsilon Lyra, the "double double" , and NGC 869 and 884, the "Double Cluster" in Perseus .      

Wednesday we packed up and got ready to leave.  We tried to play Bocci, but Mechel kept taking the white ball, so I resorted to juggling.
Mechel and Zaidy at the Bocci court.
Before we left, we played a couple games of Tennis.  We also found some LIttle Tykes play structures in one of the buildings, so Mechel and Baila played around as our vacation came to a close.

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