Welcome to Little University!

Each child has his or her own cubby and coat hook.  The parent bulletin board shows the emergency escape route, my certification certificate and emergency phone numbers.
Once children can grasp small objects, they love to manipulate them.  The lego table allows them to pull off different pieces and put them down again.
Climbing to "Tweety" is a favorite activity of this young climber!
Mobile infants and toddlers love to climb!  This corner is great for safe climbing.  I made three soft foam blocks that can be used together or separately for fun obstacle courses!
Here, the children can look at themselves, point to pictures of themselves and friends, or rest on one of the different textured pillows.
Making lots of noise is a great activity for infants and toddlers!  The pianos are among the favorite musical toys as well as the telephones that "talk".
This area is especially great for the infants that are just learning to stand!  They enjoy pulling themselves up to the table to discover what toys are on top!  It is also a gateway from the quiet reading area to the manipulative area by crawling under the table!
This area is used for quiet rocking and bottle time.
Here, one of the children practices standing while playing a tune on the xylophone.
Each of the shelves offers different kinds of toys to interact with.  Here there are hats to try on, and blocks to build with.
I have a bulletin board at parents' eye level that shows pictures of their children engaging in various activities.
This  area offers many different activities for fine motor skills, including duplo blocks, a sorting box, and an infant hammer and pegs.
A special feature of the room is the low window ledge. I made a four inch thick foam ledge to avoid bumps and bruises.  The children love to look out the window, especially when our neighbors walk their adorable poodles!


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