Introducing Tricia and her family!

 Hi!  My name is Tricia and I am the proud owner of Little University.  For information regarding my love of group home childcare, visit my personal statement page.  Aside from caring for children, I have several hobbies and activities that I enjoy!

One of my passions is figure skating!  While in college, I was a professional figure skating coach, and I enjoyed teaching many wonderful students both privately and in group lessons.  I have kept in contact with many of my very first students, and I am excited to announce that many of them could now be teaching me a thing or two out on the ice!

I also enjoy sewing, although I am definitely a beginner!  I have made one log cabin star quilt, a couple of baby quilts, bibs, and even a vinyl cushion for the toddler chair in the daycare.  Mostly I enjoy small, easy to finish projects.

Together with my wonderful husband Ben, I enjoy doing many outdoor activities including bicycling, hiking, canoeing, camping, snow boarding, and cross country skiing.

Ben is an engineer who loves to create and build wonderful things!  He has built our tandem recumbent bicycle, a solo recumbent, and most recently he built an amazing folding diaper station for Little University!  It seems that there are no limits to his creative potential!  (Not to mention that he's helping me create my home page!)

The two other members of our family include Foopie and Buddy!  Foopie is a domestic short haired tabby that we adopted during our college days.  She came from a rather colorful home and it took her about a year to be comfortable around people!  She is now a very social cat who greets us at the door when we come home.

Buddy is our kitten that we adopted two years ago from the humane society where she was born.  She is a domestic medium-haired tabby and she is polydactal -  she has six toes on each of her front paws!  Buddy is definitely a heartbreaker!  The first time I took her to the vet, the nurse took her away exclaiming what a cute kitten she was.  When they finally returned Buddy, she had lipstick prints all over!



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