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Recovery Engineering produces water filters, purifiers and desalinators. While you may never have heard of Recovery Engineering, you surely have heard of PUR, Recovery Engineeringís line of personal water filters and purifiers.

Of course, we couldnít take the usual "screw-onto-the-sink-faucet" model with us on our bike trip. We needed a purification system that would do more than take lead and chlorine out of potable water. We needed a system that would let us pump water out of a rain gutter, stock pond, or puddle and give us drinkable water. After all, some of the stretches on the TransAmerica Trail donít have drinking water for 75 miles or more. Carrying water for what would be two days of riding would be an enormous amount of weight ("A pintís a pound the world around," as they say.)

Normal water filters remove organisms over 1 micron in size, such as Giardia. Microfilters remove organisms as small as .2 microns, the size of most bacteria. A purifier eliminates all organisms larger than .004 microns, which includes all water-bourne viruses.

If you think a .004 micron water filter must be big and expensive, think again. The PUR Voyageur weighs in at a svelte 11 ounces, and is less than seven inches long. Despite its diminutive size, it can output a surprising 1 liter per minute (thatís a gallon every 3 minutes, 48 seconds for those of you using the imperial system.) The replaceable cartridge will filter roughly 200 gallons before needing to be replaced.

If you want to be in the outdoors (or most South American countries) and drink the water without getting really, REALLY sick, rely on one of Recovery Engineeringís PUR water filtration and purification systems. Youíll have a much more enjoyable trip!

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