Distance: Cycle Computer not on trip; roughly 52 miles.

Bicycle Used: Linear Recumbent

Weather: Overcast, Chilly

Time: 2:00PM to 10:00PM

Problems: 3 Flat Tires (Rear), 1 Major Accident

Map: Route Starts on left. Red line is the trip out, blue is the trip back.

Summary: Paul Rybski (my roommate) and I went on this ride from our apartment at 20th and Central, we rode to Stinson, south to Como. At Como Park, we took Wheelock Parkway to Jackson street, where we tried to find the beginning of the Wheelock trail. We couldn't find it, so we crossed 35E at Maryland. We took Edgerton Street north until we found the trail. Took the trail all the way to Norrel Avenue, which we rode south into Stillwater. We rode across the bridge, took a rock from Wisconsin as a souvenir, then rode Myrtle road back to the trail, which crosses Myrtle slightly past Jamaica Street. We took the trail back to Arlington Street, which we took to Como Park, then took Como to 35W. We crossed a footbridge over 35W and rode Summer Street back to 20th.

As stated above, I got three flat tires, all in the rear tire. The first was at about mile 8 on the trail, the second was at mile 10, the third on Norrel Avenue. On the way back, I had a sudden loss of control at Como Park. Cut through my rain pants and long underwear to cut up my left knee. Minor scratches on both hands and left elbow. Bruised left calf and chest.

The trail is paved and really smooth and flat. Its 16.5 miles. Beautiful! We saw some cranes, geese, ducks, and a wide variety of waterfowl.

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