Distance: roughly 46 miles.

Bicycle Used: Linear Recumbent

Weather: Sunny and Hot

Time: 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Problems: None

Map: Route runs clockwise.

Summary: I wanted to see what would be the easiest way to get from our apartment at 185th and Cornell to Salem and back. One must go through Newberg to get to Salem, and there are two ways to get to Newberg from Hillsboro. In the summer of 1992, I rode from Hillsboro to Salem, and got to Newberg by riding on 219. This was really (!) hard, so for this ride I thought I would try both ways.

The way out was the 99W route. There were, however, several hills between my apartment and 99W, which I picked up in Sherwood. The way is really steep for a quarter of a mile on 175th street, which becomes Reusser Road. Once in Sherwood, it was an easy ride to Newberg. Then came the ride back into Hillsboro over Chehalem pass on 219. This was much harder than the way out.

So, if and when I ride to Salem, I will do it by getting out to Sherwood, then taking 99W to Newberg. It was a beautiful day for a ride, but I was pretty shot by the time I got to my parents house in Hillsboro.

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