Speedplay is the maker of the mighty Frog SPD pedals, 2 pair of which were donated to our trip. The Frog pedals are actually designed for off-road use, but since we were on such a long trip, we agreed with Speedplay that the extra ruggedness and versatility of the pedals couldn’t hurt! At 250 grams per pair, Frogs are lighter than most road and all off-road pedals. The pedal is double sided, and the clip action is self cleaning, so you’ll stay attached to the pedal even through mud and water. The Frog also has a great deal of lateral float, which goes a long way in preventing sore knees. Plus, you never have to worry about the Frogs not spinning as well as they used to - they have a built in grease port which allows them to be revitalized as often as you like. We’re not the only people who like the Frogs - Bicycling Magazine gave the Frogs their coveted "four chainring" rating in May of 1996 - one of only two pedals which have achieved that honor. For increased pedaling performace and comfort, Frogs are the answer.

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