Sociable Tandem Recumbent Project - Building STR1

While a first year Graduate Student at the U of M, I started work on a sociable tandem bicycle. It would have been my second homemade recumbent.  While I didn't get very far towards completing it, it still is in the "Ben's recumbent idea scrapbook."

Anyway, I made the webpages below in '96.  Hopefully, I'll get back to it someday.

I enjoy biking. I mean, I really enjoy biking. The problem is, my wife does not enjoy biking. Well, she enjoys biking, but she doesn't enjoy biking with me because she has to ride really hard to keep up with me, or I slow down, in which case she feels guilty for holding me back.

So, I decided that what we really need is a Tandem. But, we really like recumbents. She rides my Linear, and I use an "Easy Racerish" recumbent that I built with considerable assistance while at Lawrence University. I decided to build a Tandem recumbent.

After looking around, I realized that conventional tandem recumbents has several problems. The biggest one was storage. At over 10 feet long, it wasn't clear where a apartment-dweller like myself would store such a beast. And, even with a Ford Explorer, I doubted I could find a rack which could hold it.

So, I decided to build a Sociable Tandem Recumbent. This is a tandem recumbent on which the two riders sit side-by-side, as opposed to front-to-rear. I have never seen an STR, so I had to design one. Using the mighty 3Dstudio, I roughed out a plan. The links below are a sort of journal of the project, which is just getting started.

Click Here to view a rendering of STR1

Journal Entry - 03/03/96 - Work begins!

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