The Bike

As usual, the bike started out as a bunch of metal tubes. By the end first week, Dave had helped me finish a good deal of the construction:

By the end of the second week, most of the frame and seats were done:

Dave Krafft works on some finishing touches on the bike in his really cool shop:

As of 2/1/97, the bike had fenders, rear brakes, a bike rack, water bottle cages, front and rear shifters, a cycle-computer, etc. Of course, all these components were borrowed off of various old bikes; we were waiting for sponsors to give us the real thing. A good deal of the stuff was being held on by cable ties!

Ben with the Tandem - 2/1/97

Trish and the Tandem

The bike is now totally complete; see the daily ride pages to see what the bike looks like today!

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