The Idea

It's always been a dream of mine to ride cross-country on a bike. A few years ago, I read Steven Robertsí books, describing his journeys on a bike with which he could execute a variety of electronic feats. Of course, his bike outweighed most sub-compact cars. Reading about his adventures got me thinking...

Trish and I wanted to give the cross-country ride a try. The first problem was that we didnít have a bike. With the help of Dave Krafft, Master Recumbent Builder, I began building a tandem recumbent bike over the winter break, and it is now complete. Having built the bike, I decided it would be fun if we could actually have a web site running on the bike. That way, people could see the road we were riding on through an on-board digital camera. We could send and receive E-mail. We could talk to people using an Internet Phone product. We could even do crude video conferencing. Using a GPS unit, we could display a map (a la MapQuest) showing our current location. All of this and more, with only a laptop computer, a small solar array, and some wireless connection to the Internet.

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