The Trip

Originally, Trish and I were going to do the TransAmerica Trail - the route in red. This route is roughly 4,250 miles:

After thirteen days riding through Virginia, Trish and I decided we would rather do three or four two to three week bike trips than riding across the US for 78 days straight. Here’s the E-mail we sent out to folks who were following us to let us know about our change of plan:

Hello Ya'al,

After much discussion, Trish and I have decided to change our strategy for this summer's cycling. We found that, like backpacking, after a couple weeks, we're ready to take a break from the road. Riding seems to get rather monotonous after a couple weeks. We decided that, rather than doing one long trip across the US, we would much rather take several two to three week trips through some of America's most scenic regions.

"Pacific Bound, Part 1," then, was our trip through Virginia. After getting our fill of the south :), we'll be spending two to three weeks riding from Rocky Mountain National Park through the Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier, and into the Lake Moraine area in Canada. This trip will begin around the beginning of August. The second trip, beginning towards the end of August, will be down the Oregon or California Coast. A third trip may occur after the middle of September.

While there won't be a daily web page to look at every day this summer, hopefully it will be more interesting to see us riding past the Tetons or overlooking the Pacific than to see "Kansas, day 15." :)

We'll send out an E-mail message when we start our National Park tour. We apologize to all of you who were looking forward to our survey of the hills of Kentucky. :)

The first part, of "Pacific Bound 97," then, was the "TransVirginia" Tour, which we rode from 6/29/97 to 7/13/97. Here’s a map that shows our stops:

Part two will be somewhere in Adventure Cycling’s Great Parks route. Here’s a map and description of the route:

2,115 miles The jewels of the US park system (Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Teton and Glacier national parks) are linked with the gems of the Canadian park system (Waterton, Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper national parks) on the Great Parks Route. Challenge the Rockies on this incredible route through the most scenic landscape in North America.

Part Three will be along the West Coast, on Adventure Cycling’s Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. Again, a description and graphic:

1,825 miles - The Pacific Coast Bicycle Route follows the scenic West Coast from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, California. Breathtaking cliffs, redwood forests, lighthouses, beaches, and a rugged coastline make this a very popular route. Discover the variety of terrain and culture to be found between Canada and Mexico.

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