Tryon Creek State Park Adventure

    Trish and I drove out to Tryon Creek State Park for an afternoon hike.  Nestled in the forested hills between Portland and Lake Oswego, the 613 acre park is a beautiful, yet close place to get away from the city.

    Trish and I did a loop that was about 2 miles in length.  We took the Maple Ridge trail to the high bridge, then took the Cedar Trail to the Red Fox Bridge.  We then took the Red Fox Trail to the Old Main Trail, and ended up back at the visitor center.  We then walked the Trillium Trail, a 3/10 mile paved trail.

    As we hiked through the park, we stopped frequently to take pictures:

    Along the way, we ran into a snail.  Thankfully, my digital camera has a macro mode, so I got to work:

    The trip was a nice way to unwind, and it's only ten minutes from our house!

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