UMAX is a producer of, among other things, top quality sheetfed and flatbed scanners. UMAX has donated to our trip a flatbed and sheetfed scanner.

The Astra 600P is an inexpensive, high quality flatbed scanner. With 600dpi resolution, the Astra 600P lets you scan even the smallest area of a photograph with plenty of detail. It scans in 24 bit color, so even the rarest shade comes out true. It has a legal size scanning area (8.5"x14"), so even your largest document should be a snap to scan. The nicest thing about the Astra 600P is that it plugs into your PCs parallel port, so it takes just a second to install, and works on both laptops and desktops.

The UMAX PageOffice IIc also plugs into your PCs parallel port. The PageOffice is a passthrough scanner. Like a Fax machine, the PageOffice sucks your scanable material in the top and comes out the bottom. Need to scan a page from a book? Detach the scanning head from the scanner base and use it as a handheld scanner. The motorized scanning head makes moving the scanned over the document surface a snap!

Both scanners allow for faxing documents, and using your computer and scanner as a photocopier. In addition, a technology called OCR (optical character recognition) allows you to scan a typed page and have your computer recognize the individual letters on the page, and convert the page into a document.

Want to know more? Call 800-562-0311.

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