Zzip Designs

Zzip Designs is the producer of an award winning line of fairings. What are fairings, you ask? Fairings are windshields for bicycles. They keep the rain and insects off the rider, and increase the bicycle’s top speed by increasing the aerodynamics of the bicycle. The fairings are made of bulletproof Lexan Polycarbonate plastic. They’re strong enough to withstand nasty crashes, but are so flexible they actually roll up!

Zzip donated the famous Zziper Super to our trip. It’s the fairing on the front of the bike. It’s 44" tall, and 19.5" wide at the handlebars. It weighs 1.75 pounds, which is nothing considering the 10% speed increases typically achieved with the fairing.

Zzip produces a dozen different kinds of fairings, for all sorts of recumbent and upright bicycles. They even produce experimental kits, for folks that want to use a Zzip fairing as the windshield on a fully enclosed human powered vehicle.

Zzip is run by Karl Abbe. He’s a great guy, with all sorts of stories about all the great places Zzip Fairings have gone. The Zziper fairings are great - you’ll be hard pressed to find a component of similar cost which gives such remarkable performance increases!

Want to know more? Call 888-946-7276

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