Easy Racers

Easy Racers is a major producer of recumbents. Not only do they make a lot of recumbents, they make great recumbents. Easy Racers has one design that comes in two materials - the heavier Tour Easy in chromoly, the lighter Gold Rush Replica in aluminum. The Easy Racer design was proven in the Gold Rush - the original Easy Racers bicycle that set the human powered land speed record of 65.5 miles per hour in 1986.

Not only does Easy Racers make world-class recumbents, they also sell a plan set that shows how to make the Easy Racers recumbent. Its the plan set I used to make my first recumbent!

Gardner Martin, the owner of Easy Racers, decided to sponsor our trip by donating a ZZip Designs fairing to our trip. The fairing donated by Easy Racers was the one in front of Trish. By having two fairings, we were able to further streamline our profile.

During our trip, we ran into a fellow who had ridden all the way from Wyoming on his Tour Easy. He loved it! Click here to read about our meeting. For a solid, tested, award winning recumbent, check out the Tour Easy or Gold Rush Replica from Easy Racers.

Want to know more? Call 408-722-9797.

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