Ben and Andrew's Springwater Bike Trip

    My friend Andrew Berns and I rode from my house in Southwest Portland to the Springwater Corridor Trail in Southeast Portland.  We rode the entire paved portion of the trail, which begins at roughly 30th and Tacoma and ends in Boring.  The paved portion ends in the eastern edge of Gresham.  Here's a map of the paved portion of the trail (in blue).  Click on it to see the full size version:

    The trail was 12 miles each way.  It was about 4 miles from my house to the trailhead.  Our total mileage was 32 miles.  I was surprised how effortful the trip was (I haven't ridden a bicycle more than the 10 minute ride to the light rail station, and the hour I ride the exercise trainer on Sundays).  It was good to get "Rolling Thunder" on the road again - I don't think it had been ridden in almost two years.

    Here are some pictures of Andrew and I before we left the house.  We didn't take the camera along - I thought Andrew should get some practice riding the tandem before I let him take pictures as we were flying down the road.

The ride was a lot of fun - it was good to get away from the ol' task list.

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