More littleBits fun!

Baila snuck off to her room with a cardboard box and her littleBits and created a machine that lights up and buzzes when an object is thrown into it. We made this fun video of her invention!

Home-made flashlight

Baila cut the end off of a metal pencil case and made her own flashlight:


Baila’s first Little Bits project

Baila designed and built this all by herself and gave a demo when I got home. She wouldn’t do it for the camera, so I had to take over:

Baila with Bits

Baila received her birthday gift from Bubbe and Zaidy today, a set of Little Bits:

Baila breaks down a hard drive

Baila loves to take stuff apart:


Baila Ice Skating

Trish was trying to teach her how to do a spin. I think she was a little embarrassed.

Portrait of the year

Our big 2nd grader:


American doll

There’s something vaguely disturbing about this:

2011-06-10 19.18.46 (2)

Snowshoeing with Baila

Baila and I went snowshoeing in the same place we went snowshoeing in 2009:

2011-01-16 09.53.40

 2011-01-16 09.53.26

 2011-01-16 09.37.22



I was reading a book to Baila and we had the following exchange:

Me: Come sit in Tattie’s special lap.

Baila: Everyone has a lap, Tattie.

Me: But I have the best lap.

Baila: No, Mommie has the best lap.

Me: Are you saying that because you love Mommie more than Tattie?


Baila: I love you also Tattie.